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How Tiles Can Help Make Your Space Bigger

Small homes and apartments are becoming more and more common. However, small spaces can leave you feeling cramped or a bit overcrowded. There are many things that you can do to make your space look and feel bigger. You can declutter and have a major overhaul of the interior of your home. You can use built-in shelves and ledges to save floor space. Mirrors can also help give the illusion of space.

If you have done all of these but are still left feeling overwhelmed, then there is one option that you can do that can help: tiles.

Why choose tiles

Tiles are a popular choice in flooring. They can easily add warmth and beauty to any room. Tiles are easy to maintain and clean, and are also durable. These advantages and pros make tiles the common and popular choice for flooring, not just in business establishments, but also in residential homes.

Tiles go beyond flooring and making a room look more inviting. In fact, flooring tiles are used in small spaces to give the illusion of a bigger and roomier space.

How to use tiles to make your space look and feel bigger

How can tiles make your space look bigger? Let us count the ways.

1. Use the same tiles on your floors all throughout.

Having different tile flooring in each room can make the rooms look chopped up, and thus make the overall space look smaller. Using the same tiles all throughout your home gives it a seamless and unified look. It makes the rooms look continuous, thus giving you an illusion of more floor space.

2. Use oversized tiles for your floors.

Using tiles that are bigger than the regular 300 mm size can help create the illusion of more space in your place. The lack of grout lines makes your floor look less busy. It also looks more expansive. You can also choose a grout that closely matches your tile to create the illusion of bigger space.

3. Install floor tiles diagonally.

This is one of the most effective ways to make your room look so much larger than it is. A diamond pattern prevents you from measuring the tiles down versus the tiles across. This placement also makes your tiles look bigger, so it makes your room look much bigger than it is.

4. Mix square and rectangular tiles.

Using square and rectangular tiles of the same colour can help expand visual space. Seek the help of a professional in mixing shapes and sizes so that you will have a seamless and coherent look. You may risk having a floor that looks chaotic and busy if you choose to do it yourself.

display of charcoal tile in different sizes

5. Choose lighter-coloured flooring tiles.

Lighter coloured flooring tiles can visually open up space and can help make a room look bigger. You can opt for cream coloured and soft beige tiles, natural and neutral toned tiles, and whitewashed flooring. Light colours make a room look open and airy, giving you an illusion of space.

6. You can also use tiles that look like dark coloured wood.

Unlike popular beliefs, dark coloured floors, along with the right wall colour, can also make a room look more spacious and bigger. Pair dark coloured wood flooring with cool coloured walls and ceilings. This combination can make any room look amazing and more spacious.

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