Water proofing

waterproofing bathrooms

Your bathroom will need the most water proofing in your home. Water proofing is one of the first steps that should be taken when your bathroom is built or renovated. A waterproof barrier is installed around the walls and floors of your bathroom, to protect the structural integrity of your home.

The government requires you to water proof your bathrooms.

The Building Code of Australia and the Australian Standard require you to comply with the following:

  • The full floor within the shower room must be waterproofed.
  • The hob or step down onto the bathroom floor must be waterproofed by at least 100mm
  • The walls inside the shower must be waterproofed by at least 150mm.
  • The vertical angle between any two walls in the shower must be waterproofed by at least 1800mm high.
  • The entire floor where the bathroom is located must be waterproofed (second story and higher).

It is always a good idea to go beyond these minimum requirements for best insurance against water damage.

How is waterproofing done?

Waterproofing is better done in stages. You can go first with the floors, then the walls. The most important areas to waterproof are the places where the walls meet the floor. Any gap where moisture can seep in can cause water damage. These major structural damages can be costly to you and to your home.

Who can waterproof your bathrooms?

In NSW, you should hire a person with a water proofer’s license. He or she must be trained in waterproofing, according to Australian standards. This means that the water proofer that you hire must have taken a Certificate III training course in waterproofing. Why leave the integrity of your home to chance? Work only with certified professionals to protect your home.

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