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Plumbing is an important aspect of your bathroom. It ensures the proper inflow of water and outflow of water wastes in your home. Nobody likes leaky pipes and slow water flow. Leaky pipes lead to discomfort, and sometimes, even diseases. It can also put the structural integrity of your home at risk, and damage your properties as well. However, time can take its toll on your pipework and fittings, and leaks cannot be avoided. There is no other good timing to update both supply and drain pipes of your bathroom during a bathroom renovation.

Know how much water you need

The occupants in your home may have increased since it was built. Know how much water you need to ensure that there is enough water supply in the rest of the house. It is also important to know the water pressure that you need to support your bathroom fixtures, such as your showerheads, body sprays, and bath tubs.

Need to move your plumbing?

If you are considering a major overhaul of your bathroom and your bathroom fixtures, then your plumbing system need to be adjusted. Assess your existing bathroom fixtures and finishes if they can still be incorporated in your new design. It can help you to reduce your renovation expenses. A professional plumber can also help you plan out and finalise the layout, to minimise movement of your plumbing.

Use only quality products for your plumbing.

We at Ideal Tiles only use quality and premium plumbing materials and products for your bathroom needs. All pipework and fittings materials that we use are WaterMark certified, as required by the Australian government.

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