Designer Tiles

bathroom with vanity mirror and bathtub with gray tile

Do the rooms in your home need an upgrade? You might want to try using designer tiles to make your walls or floors more striking. The designs you can choose from are limitless, from the classic tessellated tiles to the modern mosaics.

Important things to consider when choosing designer tiles

  • Check the dimensions of the room where you will use the tiles.

Select a tile that matches the look you want to achieve. For instance, big tiles create the illusion of space in the living room. However, this has a different effect when used in a bathroom.

  • Choose the type of finish carefully.

Tiles may have a matt or natural finish to produce an earthy appeal. They can also have a glossy finish for a silky look. Note that dust is more evident in glossy tiles, but the luxurious look they provide is definitely worth the extra effort in cleaning.

  • Use patterned tiles to add more character to the room.

A word of caution: there’s a thin line between adding character to the room and going overboard with the design of your tiles. Make sure that the patterned tiles will blend with the colour of your walls and the surrounding tiles if you will use them as feature tiles.

Get the best designer tiles from Ideal Tiles

Designer tiles are a huge investment. This is why it is important to only get them from reliable sources. Here at Ideal Tiles, we make it a point to observe stringent measures to check the quality of the designer tiles we offer to our customers. Rest assured, the tiles you purchase from our store will surely stay in your home for a long period of time.

If you need help in choosing which designer tile fits your home, feel free to consult our team. We are happy to help you out. Call us today!