Tools and Accessories

large display of tile accessories

Having the right tools and accessories will make a huge difference especially if you do a tiling project on your own. Every item is designed in such a way that tiling becomes easier and profitable. Here in Ideal Tiles, we offer both beginners and professionals excellent tools that will help simplify tile installation and replacement.

Tiling tools and accessories you might want to own

If it’s your first time to work on tiles, this checklist will definitely come in handy.

  • Wet tile saw – this is more preferable than a snap tile cutter for cutting tiles. It easily cuts through porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles, thereby reducing breakage.
  • Grout float – this presses the mortar into the seams between tiles.
  • Square-notched or pointed trowels – these are used to spread the thin set mortar for floors or the mastic for walls.
  • Tile nibbler – this makes it possible to do irregular shapes like semi-circles which the wet tile saw cannot.
  • Chalk line – all your efforts will be in vain if you won’t be able to tile in straight lines. The chalk line defines the basic tiling area with a hazy line using chalk powder.
  • Rubber mallet – this is used to gently tap the tile on its place. Using a hammer wrapped in cloth will only break your tiles.
  • Plastic buckets – you will need at least two buckets: one for making the thin set mortar, and another for sponging off the grout.

Complete your tiling tools and accessories with Ideal Tiles

Are you all set to start your tiling project? Here in Ideal Tiles, a wide range of high quality tiling tools and accessories are available. Our friendly staff is also willing to teach you on how to use the tools and accessories above. We can also recommend additional tools that we feel will help you finish your task in no time. Visit us today!