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Common Issues Home Owners Encounter with Tiles

Tiles are a common fixture in homes. Gone are the days when tiles only dominated the bathroom. Tiles are now used as flooring for homes, wall decors, and other accents for the home. They have many advantages; they are easy to maintain, durable, and look really good. However, tiles are not without problems.

Tiles issues and how to deal with them

Here are some common issues that you may encounter with your tiles.


Moulds are common in tiles exposed to moisture. It is one of the biggest issues with bathroom tiles. The bathroom creates an ideal environment for moulds and bacteria to grow.

Dry areas are at minimal risk of growing moulds. Moulds can grow at the smallest of cracks. If you see any growth of moulds in your tiles or grout, check it immediately. It might be time to have some repair works done.

Stains on tiles

Stains often come from the wrong cleaning solutions used on tiles. There are times, however, that stained tiles are a result of a much more serious problem. Water leaks are sometimes the culprit. When water gets beneath the tiles, stains are developed over time. Properly grouted and sealed tiles should be able to prevent this problem.

These stains caused by the penetration of water underneath your tiles may appear white on the surface.

Milk and cloudy stains, on the other hand, are usually a result of a wrong cleaning product used on the tiles. It can also be caused by using an incorrect sealer on your tiles. In this case, call a professional to strip the sealer, which can cause further damage to your tiles and grout, if left untouched.

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Stains on grout

The grout is a much more porous material than your tile, making it more absorbent of any liquid. Like tiles, cleaning solutions can also cause stains on your grout. To avoid grout stains, seal your grout to protect it from moisture seepage. However, not all sealant products can be used. Consult a professional to find the suitable sealant for your grout and your tiles.

Loosened tiles

Yes as horrible as it sounds, it happens. Your tile can come off from its mounting surface. These are the signs that you should be on the lookout for: your tile sounds hollow, or it produces a grinding sound. This loosening mostly occurs on slabs made of concrete. If this happens too early, it may be due to lack of control joints around the tiles, or lack of adhesive.

Over time, however, what can ultimately make tiles separate from its mounting slab is the fact the ceramic has different thermal expansion characteristics than concrete. Tiles expand and contract with change in temperature in a different rate than its concrete slab. When tiles are installed, they must be installed with proper setting materials and with provisions for movement, expansion, and contraction.

Leaking shower

Leaking shower can adversely affect your tiles. Possible causes of shower leaks include: building movement, failed waterproofing, damaged grout, cracks, seal failure, loose tiles, and leaking pipes, among others.

Leaks from shower can seep underneath your tiles, staining them and your grout. Leaks are serious problems that must be addressed immediately as they can cause structural damage to your home.

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