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4 Creative Ways to Use Tiles at Home

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Tiles shouldn’t just be a functional and boring piece in your home, ready to be stepped on and then forgotten. With a healthy dose of creativity and a unique vision, you can transform tiles from background noise to a veritable centrepiece.

The key to making full creative use of tiles at home is having a sense of personality. Tiles come in a wide variety of textures, colours, and even prints. They can appear like marble, or have interesting embossed designs. Each type of tile can fit a particular mood or a desired atmosphere.

You can use either tiles that stood out and captured your attention at the shop, or leftover tiles from your most recent construction or renovation project. Here are some creative ways to use tiles at home.

Bold and experimental tile matching techniques

Gone are the days when you need to stick with only one colour for your floor or wall panel. Creating an interior jigsaw with your tile colours can create an interesting visual treat for you and any of your visitors. Mosaics aren’t just for the bathroom!

Non-traditional matching patterns can add character to any room. The whole floor can be designed with a funky 70s theme or a grungy industrial tile setup. For an extra pop of eccentricity, you can do a uniform floor colour with only a handful of unique and bold tiles scattered haphazardly in the middle.

There are many ways to create a new laying technique. Your home’s floor tiles can even clash and differ from the tiles of your all, resulting in a provoking visual contrast.

Full 360-design with tile walls and patterns

Is there a particular tile design catching your eye? You might want to take it home with you all the way to your walls.

Tiles can create a statement anywhere. Instead of hanging up portraits or tapestries, you can have a statement wall instead. Tiles with unique textures or gloss can be perfect for this purpose. There are also many tiles with Arabic-style patterns that are visually arresting.

Soothing fabric tiles can also give personality to a previously boring bedroom wall. If it fits the overall design, you can even install tile headboards for a more unique statement.

You can also expand the size and feel of a room by installing mirrored tiles. They can make your room feel brighter and alive.

bathroom with dark tiles

Design your new dining table

Looking for a new dining table rug? Instead of bothering with hard-to-clean rugs, you can use colourful tiles to mark out the dining area. Install them on your floor or use them as makeshift rugs on top of the existing tile or wooden floor. This is a creative play on the way we already separate rooms and define spaces by using tiles.

If making a tile out of rugs isn’t interesting for you, you can bring it up and create a tile tabletop. The fun texture of tiles can make outdoor picnics and other gatherings even more exciting.

Tile coasters and dining accessories

Leftover marble tiles will add life to your kitchenware and dining cabinet. Have the tiles cut down to the right polygonal shape, add cork to the back of the marble, and enjoy your new statement coasters.

Half-size and rectangular tiles can also be used as a simple and bold serving tray. You can serve anything from cheese and wine to homey desserts using a sturdy tile tray.

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